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I have been a Hertz Gold Customer for close to 15 years. I' certain it won't be 15 more. On my profile I always tell them I will return the car full of gas, which I have never failed to do over the past 15 years. The last two weeks I have rented cars two times. Once in Houston and once at Dallas Love Field. In Houston upon returning I wrote my mileage down on the form and returned to the counter. They asked if I had refilled the car, I answered yes and went on my way. At Dallas Love Field, I pull in the car is running fine. I... Read more

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I am a hertz gold member who frequently rents car. I was basically robbed of $193.00 by hertz, my name is Reginald jackson and upon reading my bank statement was shock to find that i was charge $193.00 for a charge of the car being smoke in , i dont smoke and i was rhe only person driving for 2 days. When i drop the car off the car was checked in and everything was checked attendant said everything was fine ,fuel ,clean and no damage. Three days later they charge me with no explanation $193.00 now like i said am a gold member who... Read more

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The manager Ann at the Hertz at the Mazda dealership in Orlando FL on semoran blvd. made me feel very uncomfortable when going to the vehicle that I rented. She asked if I had rented with them before and I said yes and she said, "are you sure? Because I would remember you, youre so cute" as she proceeded to look me up and down. I also felt her eyes on me as I looked into the car for cleanliness and as I was getting ready to go she touched my arm and said "I hope Im here when you drop it off." In a very creepy way. She was very... Read more

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I was showed by an employee where the drop box was for one of their locations and I dropped off the vehicle on the correct date and time, and put the keys where I was told. They claimed they couldnt find their keys and charged me 4 extra days because of it. The manager refused to refund the charges and claimed it was my fault. The car was at their location and keys were in a box that says 'key drop box'. The car I reserved was not the same level as what I recieved, and the rental agreement showed a full tank of gas when it was more like... Read more

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Rented a car from Hertz paid online. When I picked up the car they wanted to charge me additional charges not listed on the online reservation. This was in Fort Lauderdale. I called customer service and they said I would need to talk to the Fort Lauderdale office. I called many times, left probably 9 messages, never received a call back. Then I called the number they said was for the manager of the Fort Lauderdale office and his mailbox was full so could not leave message there. They have not customer service. I will not rent from... Read more

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My company rented me a car with hertz.I took a $25 cab. When I arrived there the hertz rep. told me that she couldn't rent me a car because I had a temporary paper license from Texas. This was in Columbus Ohio. My company does alot of business with them.I rather go with enterprise rental because they don't judge a person just because of license that is valid. This is the second time this has happened to me by hertz. It's not on there agreement about any person having a type of driver license. Just as long as it is valid. My name is Randy... Read more

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My Insurance company paid for  rental from February 5 2016 to March 9 2016. I was billed  $957.00. The corporate office removed $410.00 for illegal personal insurance that is not mandatory, but refuses to credit over $547.00 back to my account. Have proof of double billing. Also, filled up gas tank at station one block from return center. Was charged  $18.00 for Fuel it didn't need. Add comment

How do I start...Here goes...State farm sent me to hertz car rental to pick up a car until my car was finish being fixed. I was given a car that had a half a tank of gas and was told that I had to bring it back with a full tank or I would have to pay $9.99 a gallon for gas to fill it up. I went back to tell them that the car only had a half tank of gas. The car was dirty and I was asked if I wanted to wait until she finished with other customers then she could clean the car. I could not wait because I had another appointment. Why would you... Read more

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OMG bad setvice at Hertz in Duarte., Ca Made a reservations on a Friday for vehicle pick-up on Monday 8am pickup. I called to make sure. Well, they didnt have the vehicle ready. Here I walked in to their location, no ond asked me if I neexed help. Their rep. Sat as his desk, u said, excuse me no one ask me if I need help? I told him I am suppose tk have a mini van, He said that i t is getting an oul change!!!! Are we in the dark ages??? Does the corporate offices know whats going on here? Don't rent from Hertz, and making reservation is... Read more

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Customers please BEWARE of this. I rented a vehicle for 5 days from Hertz to travel to Dallas. I was never made aware of this service call Hertz PlatePass that is in your contract. They charge you $4.95 per day if you use the toll, but you are not made aware of this at this time of your agreement. I only knew of this after I checked my statement and saw that Hertz had deducted $32.61 from my account. I do not mind paying for the toll charges that were only about $1.15, but this is definitely a RIP OFF. You will not be told about this,... Read more

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