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I will not be using Hertz Rental again, especially not the San Antonio International Airport branch. While the car was perfectly fine, there were a multitude of issues with the rental experience, but mostly with their horribly managed and complete lack and total disregard for customer service.

One staff member indicated their second location on a printed map of their locations, stating clearly that that was the location in which I was to return the car. After battling San Antonio traffic to that location using GPS, I come to find out that that location no longer exists. Employees need to be familiar with the instructions and correct information they are giving customers. Furthermore, why would a company of that size, with a branch with that much traffic, not reprint an updated map?

Or at least warn consumers of the misinformation? The next issue came when taking the return shuttle to the Airport, already on a tight schedule, when a gentleman on the shuttle forgot his cell phone in the rental car. The shuttle was already out of the property, down the road, to the next block about to get on the freeway to the airport and the shuttle driver turns around to take the man back to his car. While I understand that the shuttle driver was trying to be helpful to the man, I do not think it fair to make every other single person on the shuttle that are relying on fast and timely shuttle service to risk missing their flight.

The above issues would have been more easily brushed off if not for the terrible customer service I received when checking in and picking up the car. The front desk employee was one of the rudest individuals I’ve ever met in customer service. She was irritable to begin with, however her attitude drastically escalated during the check-in. I declined the protection plan, as I had already checked to ensure my insurance covered rentals.

She then got quite the attitude, asking me, “So, you’re telling me, that you would turn this into your insurance?”. When she asked if I wanted GPS, I simply replied “No”. To which she mumbled, “Well, if you brought your own…”. Regardless of whether or not I brought my own GPS, simply didn’t want one, knew San Antonio inside out, etc., is none of her business.

I said I didn’t want GPS; therefore there was simply no reason for her to get defensive over whether or not I was buying extra products from a company that I already had dwindling respect for. An issue came up with a AAA discount and the entire experience went downhill from there. Anything I said in response to debating the AAA discount, she attempted to talk over me, raising her voice, with extreme arrogance. When asking for my credit card, she used phrases such as “I need your credit card”.

I’m sorry, I believe “May I please see your credit card, Ms…..” is more along the lines of professionalism and should be duly noted at this Hertz location. I had watched the customers in front of me, and before each left, they were given directions out of the Hertz location and surrounding area. However, with me, she handed me the keys, gave no directions and concluded with the departing phrase “It’s parked to the side; you can take it and go”. No “thank you”, no “have a nice day”, nothing polite whatsoever.

Her absolute lack of polite behavior is completely unacceptable.

As a company, this type of customer service is repulsive and needs drastic improvement.

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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #608160

You appear to be mad because they did not kiss your *** and grovel before you! I am sure they treated you as you deserved and they did not realize how important you are.

I guess you are a legend in your own mind! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

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