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I was in Dothan on business and got a flat tire from the rental car I had first so it took a couple of hours to get back on the road. Well that wasn't the problem.

The problem was when the corporate office called Hertz Rental Car in the Airport to switch the car out because I was on a donut. The woman that the customer service person talked to was a think this chick named Amanda. According to the customer service rep Amanda agreed to switch my car out and it wouldn't be any problems. I got there and IT WAS A DIFFERENT STORY!

First these people that run that place is very prejudice. The reason why I say that is I came there well dressed and the expression on her face was priceless. She was slow as Christmas first of all but at FIRST she was cordial. I could tell it was just going to be a problem because she told me she couldn't switch me out so she had to call her Manager Sue Bell to get an approval on the switch.

I didn't have a problem with it until the so called Manager (a real ***) came to the desk. The woman was pissed off because she had to come from across the street and do the "manual approval" her attitude stunk! And she rolled her eyes at me several times for whatever reason. (Mind you I don't even know these folks).

I told her what had happened to me and she told me that she didn't believe that I would come here to switch the car out. I said look lady I called the customer service office and she called and spoke with Amanda themselves and she said it was OK for me to switch the car out. Amanda then turns to the boss and said I didn't know about that... I didn't understand what the corporate office was saying to me!

I was like you got to be kidding!!!!!! Then the country bumpkin manager tells me I don't think she understood what the person was callling about either. I said what is it to understand? I had a flat tire because the car I had had a faulty tire and I am switching it out!

She then asked me well do you have a case number? I said no! what case number. the manager says well in order to "move forward" we have to have a case number!

I said i don't have it. she was pissed that she had to call the customer service desk herself and get the number. I think she thought i was lying about the whole thing! But that was just a small part of the incident.

She actually thought this is 1955 and I am Rosa Parks and I am suppose to "bow down" to her or something. I was very professional and they couldn't get with the fact that there was someone that could talk over them that was black. I could see that they were very very prejudice! She told me that I was disrespecting her and Amanda because I asked them for their bosses name and contact number.

I told them you don't have to give it too me because the corporate office will here about it. It took them *** near 2 hours to get me in a car. I told them that if they were in Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, New York, they would get fired for just being so *** slow! After I finally got the keys and I was subjected to the smart Alic comments of Sue Bell the *** I asked Amanda to do a look over with the new car.

She said "we don't do that" i said what? every hertz does that! she said "this isn't every hertz" Then the *** manager tells me we aren't like the other hertz! I was like wtf?

I told her that I wasn't leaving the desk unless there is a walk around to check for dents etc. They were pissed off and Amanda said fine I will go but i don't want to walk out there with you! I said whatever, i don't want any other issue with "you people" I am ready to leave this godforsaken place! Its 40 degrees outside and this chick walks out the building with no coat on, hat!

I told her I had to get my other stuff out of the old car and at first she was like that fine. I get there and do the look over and start getting my things out the old car and this *** tells me" you betta hurry up" I said wait just a *** minute, first of all you don't talk to me like that lil girl! I said I am not from Dothan, AL and I don't know what you are use too but I will turn this *** out. I said you don't talk to me like that..

I said if you are so cold first of all you should have came out with a *** coat on ! I offered for her to sit in the new car until i was done because she had to get the keys to the old car. I told her that i was not walking all the way back to that *** airport for some keys. She started going off on me saying she would never sit in a car where I sat in!

I said so you that type of prejudice ***! I said take your *** back in the office then crazy *** ***! I told her that if she want the keys she will have to get them herself. I could have spit nails that day.

I couldn't believe how those folks treated me and how unprofessional they were! I WILL NEVER GO TO DOTHAN, AL HERTZ RENTAL CAR AGAIN! I am writing a letter to the corporate company right now and they better do something about the attitudes that those *** have!


Review about: Hertz Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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