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March 26, 2013 I went to pick up the rental car I had previously purchased through hotwire and during the transaction I was lied to humiliated and blatantly over charged on my credit card to the point of making my card be declined in front of a crowd of people. I gave them the prepaid contract plus a coupon I had for a free upgrade which I was told by hertz phone staff to bring with me since I was unable to make it work when trying to book the car as I'm not computer savvy. The manager said ok though she grumped about it. During the process I heard the girl doing my paperwork talk about this additional $200 hold fee and I panicked. I never heard of such a thing and there was nothing of it on my hotwire contract. At that point the young lady without my appoval ran my credit card through. My card was declined. I was in shock. I new I had funds in the account. It was emergency credit card. The manager told me to transfer funds from another account. With embarrassment in front of this crowd I had to say I didn't have funds in another account. I'm a ritired disable women who worked for Red Cross. Didn't make big bucks when I did work but I did have the joy of teaching CPR and helping those in need during our countrys disasters. Hence I'm not rich. She then told me to call my credit card company to have my limit raise $10. I did as she instructed and my credit card company turned me down. She then acted like she was giving me 2 pints of blood and lowered the bill $8/ just enough so the card would go though but it left me with absolutely no money to travel with. Thank God the gas tank was full, and I had packed my service dogs food in my suit case. Here's why I think I need an attorney to help me and if anyone knows of one or is one please, please help.. They new why I was there and where I was desperate trying to get to. I had already flown from Pittsburgh PA and was exhausted and I was renting that car to get to my mother as fast as possible to say my good byes. She was in a nursing home in Tupelo Mississippi and all my thought's were on getting to her. They new my state of mind, new I was a disabled traveling with service dog, and took advantage of that knowledge to bleed my credit card dry. When my credit card statement came I saw how they not only were paid by Hotwire the 167.50, they also received the 167.95. They did reliese the hold In talking with the manager at Memphis now she claims the 167.95 was the charge for the car upgrade and that I signed the contract and agreed. She's claiming she never heard of any upgrade coupon yet it's clearly right here stapled to my paper work. I told her how crazy is that to have the original contract cost 167.50 and an upgrade cost another 167.95. Who would ever pay more for and upgrade then the original contract. She asked why I didn't say anything checking out. It was 167 so I thought it was the Hot-wire fee. The actions of Hertz taking the 167.95 plus holding the $200 left me with no money to live on while I was there with my mother. Instead of being able to focus all my love and attention on her I literally sick inside by having no money to live on. My mothers nursing home let me and my service dog stay in a guest room so I had a place to stay and they also gave me one meal a day. Thank you Traceway for all your kindness during such a stressful time for me.Ok world. How should hertz make this right. I absolutely do NOT want any voucher towards a future rental. Why would I want to rent from Hertz ever again. My hubby says make them pay all. Wipe it clean. Hertz should eat the hotewire 167.50 plus their stink en upgrade bill for 167.95 as well.Let do a poll. Likes mean Hertz should pay, Dislikes mean they get off the hook and destroy my credit

Review about: Hertz Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $536.

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i know how you feel i had u haul try to charge me a cleaning fee because my service dog left hair on the dash of the truck the truck i picked up dirty

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