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I don't know about the rest of the country but don't, I repeat DON'T, use Hertz at Oakland International Airport. Use another company.

Use Uber. Use Lyft. Take a taxi. Walk.

Anything but Hertz!!! We picked up our rental around 9am on a Friday. The gentleman who checked us in was extremely polite but spoke an unintelligible English. Not a great first impression but I was there to rent a car, not teach ESL and the car was great.

We had a 1:30 return flight on Sunday so we got our car back to Hertz around 11:30. The person who met us asked if we needed any help getting our stuff out of the car. We said no. She then asked if the car was fine and we told her that the check engine light suddenly came on.

She said it would be taken care of. She said "if that's it, you're good to go" and we took the next shuttle to the terminal. Yeah right! Two days later, I go to the web site to check my credit card and to my utter shock, Hertz was continuing to put daily merchant holds on the account even though the car had been turned in 48 hours before..

I call Hertz and am put on hold for 30 minutes. The guy who finally picked up said someone at that particular agency "forgot" to close out my account. I asked what I should do and he said he would put me on a "brief" hold and call the agency. I wait another 30 minutes and suddenly the call gets disconnected!!!

Sometimes these things happen. It's too late to do anything that night so I called first thing Thursday morning. I got someone on the phone who said she would not only call but email the agency to close out the account. I asked her if there was anything else I needed to do and she said no, it was fixed.

She sounded like she had a grasp of the situation so I let it go. However, the following day, I get a call from Hertz telling me the car is seriously overdue and I must call them right away. I call the number and explain what happened and that a person I spoke to the day before said she would have the contract closed out. Guess what?

Hertz had no record of it so now I have hundreds of dollars worth of merchant holds on my credit card for a car I turned in FIVE DAYS BEFORE! Today, we are at Day 7 and they are STILL putting merchant holds on my credit card.

This is no simple screw up. You would have to TRY to be this incompetent.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hertz Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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