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I just want to say that the so called 'manager' at the Hertz in Valdosta Ga is a very rude man. I just went up to the counter and asked some simple and point blank questions..and all I got back was attitude.

I asked him who his superior is and get this..he said "theres no one higher than me, sorry." Can you believe that? Then he told his counter part that he was going to lunch (at 1030am). But by calling around I have found out that this location is a "private" location and now I know who to send my complaint to. I've also found out that this 'manager' has everyone fooled that he works for.

He is never there, and when he does go somewhere, its not on Hertz business. This coming from a Hertz worker in Valdosta mind you. Whoever you are William were blind when you hired this Valdosta your step with this will loose alot of business with him there.

I know that my company will not rent from there again.

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