We rented a car from the Athens Hertz agency 12 Syngrou Avenue on 20th July 2014 and gave it back at Preveza airport on 26th July 2014.

The bumpers on the car (Hyundai I20, red color) were full of scratches, but we were told not to worry. Those were taken into account by the marks on the car inspection paper.

When we gave the car back one week later at the Hertz agency at Preveza airport they marked a supposedly new scratch on the inspection paper and told us he had to do so because the car was unknown to the Hertz agency in Preveza. We were told the car was from the Hertz agency in in Athens.

We called the Hertz agency in Athens three times, the day after we dropped the car in Preveza — the car was supposed to be back in Athens --- and then on 3rd and 4th of August after my credit card has been unduly debited by 123 euros. The first time I was told, that the car was not yet back to Athens. The second time I was promised to be called back. The third time, they told me that the car didn't belong to the Hertz agency of Athens, but to the Hertz agency of Preveza. It is obvious that at least one of the Hertz agencies is LYING; both said the car doesn’t belong to their agency. This kind of dishonest behaviour seems to be quite frequent, especially from Hertz, according to reports from the internet.

My credit card was unduly debited by 123 euros for a scratch we have absolutely no responsibility for. We contacted the Hertz customer service, but they were very unhelpful.

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