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Wish I could I could give them 0 or negative stars. I have dealt with a lot of rental car places, in Temecula and other areas, and this is the worse excuse for a company I have ever seen.

The corporation of Hertz should be ashamed to have it bear their logo. I suspect however they do not care, which I feel also reflects their attitude toward disgruntled customers. They just don't care. I think the reviews on this site say it all.

And I actually let them I would be posting my experience and they did not care, laughing about it. Having been a cutsomer service dept manager, and owning my own company, I would fire all of these employees if they worked for me. Hertz needs to clean house and re-evaluate this location. They lied to me and ruined our holiday trip.

I too called ahead and reserved an SUV to accommodate cargo and passengers for Christmas. I spoke to the same employee three times confirming my rental and the cost before going to the store. They not only lied about the vehicle but tried to downgrade me two levels and charge me more for the smaller vehicles. I asked them to speak to the employee, Travis, who lied and they claimed he was at a different location for the day.

I then asked for them to get him on the phone and they refused. When I finally had enough of their arrogance and lies, and could not be any later than the 3 hours I was already there, I decided to just leave the gifts we planned to take and just get a car to get on the road for my 17 hour trip. Every car they tried to give me was not just a little dirty, but so bad I would need to pay someone to detail the inside before In would consider putting my luggage in them. Ripped carpets, thick patches of dog hair, 1/4- 1/2 " of dirt and sand built up in all of the cup holders, Cheetos, grass, dirt, leaves, debris on the floors and seats.

The cars were disgusting inside. I took pictures. I asked if they planned to clean the car and the employee replied "This is as good as it gets, they won't do more than wipe down the outside. We don't give cars full on washes or cleanings here." Really??

That's how they do business. Hertz should really be proud. Based upon the way they take care of their cars, or rather don't, I would really think about it before buying one of the used vehicles. The only nice employee came out and privately suggested I take a dirty car and stop on my trip route at another Hertz, show them the vehicle and they would allow me to trade it.

She was a new employee, and felt bad. In the end I had them drive me to Avis and a very nice person, where I have rented before took care of me.

We left five hours late, missed a family event, could not take our gift, but thankfully made it a day late for our family Christmas. NO THANKS TO HERTZ!

Monetary Loss: $250.

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