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On 11/17/2018 i am setting on my couch when i hear a big explosion in my front yard. This id in the county by the way.

So my cars were not on street. They were in my yard. 2000 tundra & 2005 sonata. A hertz rental car jumped the crossroad at 100mph.

The crossroad is 185 yrds from my drive. They lost control upon impact. Hit & busted telephonepole at corner. Of drive drove through sonata ripping off trunk & flipped my truck totaling both vehicles.

Now after 4 weeks hertz claims car was stolen so now they say they are not liable & there insurace is not resonsible. So my truck is still psrked on my neighbors fence & impound yrd is charging me $1300 for the car. Meanwhile me & my wife had to both go into debt so we could make it to work. We are now paying $700 a month for 2 vehicles when we both had good running cars that was paid for.

I say *** hertz. Your insurance should cover stolen cars.

Another 4 feet & one of those cars would have lande on my wife on the couch. Then i would have owned your *** On top of that hertz is lying about the car being stolen trying to get out of paying.

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Issue warrants for the driver and the Hertz location where the vehicle was stolen, also put this on the TV news,get a black democratic lawyer who can't stand hertz


Ugly. They're trying to subrogate it to the vehicle operator ; that is the usual method.

I had a leased car that was stolen and wrecked causing property damage to some innocent bystander and was held personally responsible for none of it. The vehicle was taken without permission so my insurance paid for the repairs to it and the bystander victim's insurance paid for his. The criminal, of course, got off with very little in the way of punishment (zero) and restitution (never made).

Hertz certainly carries tons of property damage insurance but it probably only covers THEIR property. What did your auto and/or homeowner's insurance have to say about any of this ?

to Carl #1616352

I was in the middle of restoring my tundra it was parked in my yard was not driving it so i didnt have it insured. Just put in new used transmission new back bumper new push bar new used stock stereo used heater controls new brakes & hardware was about half way through body work on bed. Cab forward was in good shape no dents or rust.


I work in car insurance. Hertz' policy IS responsible, stolen or not.

If they don't want to pay the cost they can later recoup that from the driver of the rental car and their own personal insurance, but this IS a covered loss. You need to find out who their insurance company is and call them directly.

to Anonymous #1615724

Have you read the Hertz insurance policy ? Who holds it ?

Who is the underwriter ? I'd think it's pretty hard to make a sweeping statement without personal knowledge of the policy (policies) involved.

to Carton #1616355

Ofcourse they never would actually give me the name of there insurance so i havent seen anything.

to Anonymous #1616312

Thats who is telling me they are not liable. Both hertz & there insurance.

to Anonymous #1621635

Insurance companies of any kind are sleazeballs. They will not pay and they make up their own rules, often on the fly.

Even when they are obligated to pay, and something is clearly covered, or it is one of their policy holder’s fault—they will delay and deny accepting responsibility. I once had a State Farm driver hit me head on in my car on my own 25mph street. He was going so fast and texting and/or smoking weed that he totaled his own car and landed in someone’s yard. The police report and witnesses were clearly stating it was the other driver’s fault.

But since we both had State Farm, State Farm decided that it was nobody’s fault and said they could not determine whose fault it was. They said they don’t go by police reports or witness statements. They make their own determination as to who was at fault. I had to get my own car fixed and now have an at fault accident on my insurance record.

I sued the driver, and they settled for little of nothing (less than $2000), 2 years later, I got the settlement, and I still drive my almost totaled but repaired car. I cancelled State Farm because that is the most common insurance here, and I don’t want to have State Farm and get hit by another State Farm driver.

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